"With this little gizmo, you get the full human experience. Chaffing and all."

- Quazky, Chapter 6, Page 193

Ref circuit

Trying Human Circuit

The Trying Human Circuit was developed by scientists at Dulce and was originally introduced in Chapter 5. The circuit allows the user to appear human, and as of yet is used primarily by the Reptoids, with the exception of Hue.

Trying Human Circuits must be programmed to fit the person using it, though are manufactured blank. However, the capabilities of the circuit are limited by the original appearance of the user (ie. Hue’s height, the Reptoids’ eyes and fangs, etc). By tapping the circuit the user can trigger the disguise, and it also has the capabilities to convert telepathic discussion into verbal speech. The circuit runs on the users energy source, and so if the user is injured or killed it will cease to work. Most users keep theirs hidden on their person (such as Hue hiding his under his badge, Quazky under his shirt) to avoid suspicion.

Majestic 12 has developed a device that cancels the Trying Human Circuit

The sound effect of a circuit being activated or deactivated in the comic is 'BZZZRRRT', describe by the author as being an electrical buzz.

As of Chapter 13, the following aliens are using Trying Human Circuits: