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"I'm here 'cause... 'cause I'm protecting a girl from Aliens. I think."
- Vol.4, Chapter 15, P.491

Roger Copley (also known as 12) has recently been accepted as MAJESTIC-12’s newest recruit - much to his dismay - from having formerly served as an officer for the New York City Police Department. As one of the series' main antagonists, Trying Human depicts Roger's on-again, off-again relationship with his longterm girlfriend Rose Marie Williams while he juggles training to be an Agent and adjusting to this new, secretive life. As of July 2020, he currently appears in all six volumes.

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Early Life[]

Roger as a young boy.

Roger was born and raised in rural New York state by his mother but soon left for New York City to enrol into the Police Academy after completing High School. Roger struggled with rural life, as he found himself "Creeped out by all the quiet". But, it was at High School where he first met and dated Rose. Roger is apart of the Grey abduction program and has been taken by Shade monthly since he was a child.

Volume 1 (Chapters 1 - 4)[]

Roger worked alongside Rose at the New York City Police Department.

After apologising to Rose for missing their date the night before (due to being abducted, unbeknownst to either of them), Roger reveals to Rose that he has secured a new, high-level security job out in the West that has given him very little detail; speculating that it is an operation guarding sensitive equipment. Having to leave later that day and unable to contact Rose for some time, he proposes that they should try living together once more when he returns to New York City and promises that he’ll remain faithful to her.

Upon arriving in Groom Lake, Nevada, Roger meets General Merraine who informs a sceptical Roger that he will be working with Extraterrestial life, much to his shock. His first task is accompanying the General in a meeting with the two Greys EBE-1 and Hue in a nearby test chamber. Although the initial introduction goes well, it is soon cut short as EBE-1 begins to discuss prevents and Roger is sent out to wait along with Hue. Although unsure of Hue, Roger manages to initiate small – talk before EBE-1 and Hue abruptly leave. General Merraine apologises but lets Roger finish his shift for the day.   

Volume 2 (Chapters 5 - 8) []

Rose's prom photograph that Roger takes with him to Nellis.

As Roger takes some fresh air, he encounters 8 who welcomes him to Nellis Air Force Base. After discussing his recent experiences with the Greys, 8 informs Roger that his new name is 12, and he is now apart of MAJESTIC-12; the team that monitors (but mostly cleans up after) alien activity on Earth. Roger is shown to his quarters and meets the team, but to his horror discovers that he is no longer allowed to contact anyone outside the Base.

A few days later, Roger is awoken by 8 after a shift where he explains he has been spending his days mostly organising paperwork, sorting mutilation photos and cleaning Guns. When his questions about the former Agent 12 are vaguely answered, he introduces 8 to a picture Rose and mentions that he plans to start sending her money to make up for his absence. When 8 starts to come on to Roger, he rebuffs her advances and hurriedly leaves.

Volume 3 (Chapters 9 - 12)[]

Roger and 6 having strong words with each other.

During a shift the next day, Roger comes across an unattended phone that he uses to call Rose at home in order to be able to leave the Base. Before Roger is able to speak, 6 finds him and disconnects the line. As 6 implores him to accept his new life and that there is no return to normalcy, Roger becomes furious and starts to fight 6 but is quickly defeated by 6's telekinetic strength. Once he faints, Roger is taken to the Base's holding cells to recuperate and await his punishment.

While Roger is taken to Dr Glasner's office, 8 intercepts the pair and Roger makes a last desperate plea to leave; indicating that he would do anything to do so including taking 8 with him. When Roger mentions he wants to leave so that he can return to Rose, he annoys 8 and is dragged into the elevator down into the Basement halls. After being introduced to Dr Glasner, Roger tries to convince him that he is not 'cut out' for the work, but Glasner retorts that the work he does is in service to the people of Earth, and prevents the world from falling into chaos. Roger gives up once Dr Glasner starts mentions Rose, and apologises for bothering him. Relieved for the conversation to be at an end, 8 suggests that he accompanies her to a mutilation investigation outside New York City with Roger replying "If I try to run, shoot me".

Roger uses the DUMB train system for the first time.

Roger and 8 leave for New York City and once he spots a commuting Terran reptoid, he learns that Terrans are used as a secret hard labour workforce on earth, on loan from the Draconians. Roger is confused to see that they are using the DUMB (Deep Underground Military Base) train system, rather than a Jet. Initially disbelieving 8 that the train would be faster, he is soon proven wrong as 8 explains the train runs on advanced magnetic, anti-gravity technology developed from the wreckage of EBE-1's ship in 1947.

On the commute, Roger is introduced to his new arsenal; a flashgun, the telepathy disabling bloom, hallucikinesis - resistant glasses and a Trying Human Circuit disabler.

Volume 4 (Chapters 13 - 16)[]

In New York City, Roger and 8 arrive at the 'condemned' Dempsey Building which has been repurposed for the DUMB system. Before they leave, General Merraine appears and stops the pair for a quick chat to discuss and see how Roger has been adjusting to his new role. Before Roger is able to speak, 8 speaks for him and assures the General that Roger has 'enjoyed' the work so far. Before he leaves, Merraine reveals that it was 8 who recommended the 'talented' Roger for the initial application; much to Roger's anger. 8 takes Roger to an underground vault where she shows him his own file that contains all of his personal information and history. 8 admits that before she joined MAJESTIC - 12, she and her infant son Travis were attacked by Magnus on the streets of New York and it was Roger who supported her and organised her stay in a Women's shelter.

Roger is not amused by 8.

8 tells Roger her story to illustrate the main requirement for MAJESTIC - 12 recruitment: that Agents must have had a previous encounter with extraterrestrial life. When 8 made her recommendation, she had just been lucky enough that Roger had previous experience. Initially dismissive, Roger starts to recollect a particularly traumatic Grey abduction experience that occurred on the night of Rose's prom. While initially believing the experience was a result of a drunken night out, the experience deeply affected Roger to the point where he nearly failed his Police Academy training. Now feeling more comfortable in his role, 8 takes him onto the investigation site.

An unsuccessful introduction.

When the duo reaches the investigation, the MAJESTIC - 12 team pull a prank on Roger by making him catch the severed head of a mutilated cow that 2 throws at him; the same one that Longus, Quazky, Magnus and Gracelis had eaten the night before. The investigation is already starting to wrap up as 9 briefly explains to Roger the Reptoid race, but is quickly interrupted by 6 who starts to mock Roger for making a joke. Before the two can fight, 8 separates the pair and Roger storms off. Away from the team, Roger unsuccessfully flirts with 3 and is rebuffed. He is approached by a wary 7, who warns him to stay away from Dr Glasner and 8 and not to trust any of the team. To prove his point, he gives Roger back his wallet that he had managed to steal without notice. 7 walks off as 8 manages to catch up with Roger, and suggests that they spend an evening together in the City at the courtesy of Dr Glasner.

8 takes a disgruntled Roger to Cafe des Extraterrestre where they encounter Longus and Don on their date. When 8 makes Longus introduce himself, their greeting is cut short as 8 and Longus start to bicker. Afterwards, they assume their business.

Volume 5 (Chapters 17 - 20)[]

Volume 6 (Chapters 21 - 24) []

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