Roger Copley
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First Appearance: Chapter One Pg. 05




November 10th


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"Being the parole officer for a bunch of interstellar cretins is obviously a 'better thing'."

- Roger, Chapter Nine, Page 269

Roger is Rose's on-again off-again 27 year old boyfriend who's currently a member of Majestic 12.


Little is known about Roger's past; any information about his family has yet to be revealed. He and Rose went to the same High School together, and have been friends and lovers since Rose moved to New York City. After High School, Roger worked full time as a police officer at the same station where Rose worked as a secretary (though she has since been fired). It was here that Roger first meets Janet Jenkins-Jimenez, who later becomes Eight in Majestic 12. A down on her luck stripper with a new baby to care for, Janet becomes smitten with Roger, calling him her "knight in shining armor". The two meet again several years later, though Roger doesn't seem to remember her.

Roger recently changed jobs, moving to a military base where he becomes the "new" Majestic 12. It's here that Roger learns of the existence of the Greys and also that he is not be allowed to return to his normal life, even being threatened by Six and reprimanded by Dr. Glasner for trying to call Rose.

As Roger slowly becomes accustomed to his new job, he's generally accompanied by Eight, his new partner of sorts. It's later revealed that Eight was the reason Roger was hired in the first place; she calls Rose her 'competition' and openly flits with Roger. Unfortunately, he's either oblivious or uninterested.



Rose is a twenty-something young woman who lives in New York. Rose is also constantly abducted by the Grays, one of whom, Hue, becomes very attached to her. Roger and Rose have been dating for several years since High School and both worked at the same Police Station (Roger as an officer; Rose as a secretary). Roger seems to have a habit of chasing women. He's also fails to show up for dates and causes Rose to feel like she can't talk to him. Nevertheless, the two appear to miss each other when Roger is sent to a military base for his new job.

Eight (8)

Born Janet Jenkins-Jimenez, Eight (8) was saved from a Reptoid attack several years ago when she worked as a stripper trying to earn a living for her new baby. Eight instantly fell in love and later helped push his paperwork through so he would be hired in Majestic 12. She considers Rose a threat, and seems determined to have Roger for herself.