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Terran and Draconian Reptoids

Reptoids are an alien species who possess reptile-like traits. They are apparently very political, practicing things such as arranged marriage and social caste systems. Within the caste system are two levels, the Draconian and the Terran. Some Draconian Reptoids examples are Gracelis and Magnus, and some Terran Reptoids examples are Quazky and Longus.

History and Caste Edit

Draconian Reptoids come from a planet in the Draco constellation and have dragon-like wings and horns. They also sport metal circlets and are referred to as the socialite class. Terran Reptoids are all descended from a species of dinosaur called Troodon, who the Draconians helped to evolve into Terran Reptoids. Terran Reptoids still have a dinosaur-like tail in their natural form. Terran Reptoids are said to be forever indebted to Draconians for this.. They are referred to as the working class and wear metal helms with a chin strap. The mixing of Draconians and Terrans genes is seen heinous and shameful[1]. The hybrids are called "keern-chars" [2]. Their stunted wings are usually cut off and then the keern-chars are dumped into working class.

Athough Terran Reptoids are technically not "aliens", they left earth to live in ships years ago, as such they are no longer born on earth.

Relations with Other SpeciesEdit

Draconians allow the use of their working class, the Terrans, to the government in exchange for free reign on Earth soil. Despite this, it does not nesscary mean that the goverment keeps their side of the deal.

Reptoids are viewed negatively by Greys and the humans that know of them. Eight of the Majestic 12 in particular hates them, as she was once attacked by one, Magnus.