Phillis Lennox
First Appearance: Prologue Pg. 2













"I wanted to see the stars so badly. I should have waited."

- Phillis Lennox to EBE1, 1947

Phillis Lennox was is a young woman of the late 1940s who works as a translator on a new United States military base.

Early LifeEdit

Phillis is an orphan, though any information about her parents or other family has thus far not been revealed. She was raised in a Catholic orphanage, presumably somewhere in the United States. An early memory has her running away from the orphanage as a young girl in the dead of winter. Phillis believes it was a miracle that anyone managed to find her in the woods, which only strengthened her faith. Her Catholic upbringing at the orphanage is very important to her, and Sunday is the only time she feels is for herself. A happier memory has her riding a bicycle around the compound.

Military WorkEdit

Phillis works for the United State's air force in a secret base in Groom Lake Bed, Nevada. She knows several languages, but is best at Russian. When the UFO crash site was first found, Phillis was brought in as a sympathetic go-between when the scientists were unable to communicate with the life form they had discovered.

Unlike the other scientists, Phillis is able to communicate with the being, known as the "Extraterrestrial Biological Entity One" or EBE1 (Chapter 03, page 62). They develop a close relationship, and he refers to her as 'Philena', (Chapter 3, page 61) and once as 'Philena, Queen of the Moon' (Chapter 11, page 327). It has yet to be revealed what these names may mean, however.

By the late 1940s, Phillis decided to resign from the air force and start a family instead. Unfortunately, she never gets the chance, and it is unknown how many at the base were aware of her pending retirement.


Phillis is shot through the chest trying to escape the base with what Dr. Glasner claims are secret military documents (Prologue). Though Walter, who is actually responsible for shooting her under Dr. Glasner's orders, believes he hears a baby crying. Nevertheless, Walter follows order and fires. Phillis falls collapses before being comforted by EBE1, who holds her until she dies.

Though Phillis presumably died from her injuries, her body is currently kept in some form of consciousness in a glass tube in Dr. Glasner's office. She can communicate via a printed tape, but seems not to have aged. Phillis may also be communicating with Rose, but the details of this have not been explained.


Walter Edwards

Walter is a handsome young man who works on the same military base as Phillis and Dr. Glasner. His role on base is head of security, though Dr. Glasner claims he was only hired because he can shoot straight, and not because of any intellectual ability. The two men often bicker, most often over Phillis. Walter seems to have a genuine romantic interest in Phillis, which she seems to share. The two go out on various dates, such as dancing, and enjoy epending time with each other.

The would-be romance fizzles, however, as Phillis becomes closer to EBE1. The two end up being good friends instead. Walter is the first to know about Phillis’ planned resignation and becomes a sort of big brother to her, offering her help should she need it.

Walter is ordered to shoot Phillis after she attempts to leave the base. After her presumed death, Walter resigns and goes into hiding.

Dr. Vernon Glasner

Dr. Glasner is a German scientist whose eyes were severely injured by a hidden land mine while he and a female companion were attempting to leave the country; his companion died in the explosion. While Walter's feelings seem genuine, Dr. Glasner's intentions are questionable and appear to be motivated by lust and greed. He views her with a possessive nature, especially since he presently keeps her hidden away in a glass tube.

As Phillis becomes closer to EBE1, Dr. Glasner takes to threatening him in private, though EBE1 is unfased. Dr. Glasner and Walter also get into a number of verbal agruements, mostly stemmed from Dr. Glasner's jealousy. Dr. Glasner admits he's worked hard trying to keep Walter away from her. (Chapter 04, Page 84)


EBE1 is the only surviving being left in a UFO crash discovered by the military in the Western United States. His arm was severely injured and removed by the scientists, though he would lash out and refused to communicate in any way. Phillis is brought in by Dr. Glasner as a "lamb for the slaughter", though the two form a much stronger bond than Dr. Glasner would have liked.  

EBE1 is also possessive of Phillis, though perhaps not to the same degree as Glasner, perhaps because she is the one human who showed EBE1 any sort of compassion and kindness. They are able to communicate and understand each other with ease.  EBE1 also has some sort of control over her physical being; he convinces Phillis to come to him late one night while she is half dressed, releasing her after Walter hears Phillis scream (Chapter 06). Phillis holds no grudge against him, though she was unconscientious when Walter found her. Rather, she is sorry that it lead to EBE1 having to be restrained when they spoke.

When EBE1 feels someone is threatening Phillis, he wastes no time retaliating. He struck out at Walter when the latter grabs her hands, yelling at her about how she treats the two of them differently (Chapter 16, Page 524). Phillis throws herself between the two, begging him to stop, and he promptly wraps his arms around her and holds her in an almost possessive manner.

When Phillis is shot after running from the compound, he holds her until she dies. In the current timeline, EBE1 still has a longing for Phillis. (Prologue, Page 05)


Phillis and Rose share many similarities, the main being their physical appearance. Though the two women differ severely in demeanor - as Phillis is friendlier and more outgoing than the distant Rose - the two look almost identical, except for hairstyle and eye color.

Both women also have a strong relationship with the Greys while also trying to balance relationships with human men. Phillis is the love interest of EBE1, though both Walter and Dr. Glasner are attracted to her; Rose is the love interest of Hue, though she is the on-again, off-again girlfriend of Roger

Though not fully explained, Rose is able to see visions of Phillis in various (often highly illogical) forms. Whenever Rose sees a vision, Phillis is always shown with the shot in her chest. She acts as a cryptic, but is happy to guide Rose with her cheerful personality. From her prison in Glasner's office, Phillis demands that he "LEAVE ROSE ALONE". (Chapter 10, Page 317)s


Phillis seems to have some connection with the color red. In many frames that we see Phillis, we see the color red. Possibly because of the fatal gun wound she suffered. Each memory of Phillis that EBE1 explored ('Chapter 15, Page 550) in Rose's mind we saw the color red. A red ribbon, a blood stain, a red chair, and a red handled gardening tool. Red is the only color seen during the 1940 flashbacks, except for chapter three (which has a flashback that is colored completely) and the blue seen during Chapters 02, 11, and 16. She even utters the word "red" when EBE1 releases her after taking her into his chamber in the middle of the night. (Chapter 06, Page 180) Soon after the attack, she is taken to Glasner. There the only color we can see is the red in her eye. (Chapter 07, Page 207) Red is seen again pages later, as Phillis describes what she remembers. The vision she saw in EBE1's chamber was a red galaxy. (Chapter 07, Page 202) When Rose looks through the glass of the Grey's ship, she sees Phillis falling upside down. Red strands trail the area below her, placing a red glow around her body. (Chapter 16, Page 526)