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First Appearance: Chapter Thirteen Pg. 407






Approx. 7 Feet


Pascagoula Tree Man


- Mum, Chapter 13, Page 707

Mum is the alien Rose finds in her refrigerator. He is a Pascagoula Tree Man, a rare type of alien that even the Greys know very little about.

Hue tells Rose that he cannot read their thoughts, 'It's as if they have no mind." They are considered mostly harmless, (Chapter 13, page 409), and prey mostly on aquatic creatures. They attach their crafts to the wormholes used most frequently by the Greys, as these usually lead to large bodies of water where their food source is found. It is unclear wether these aliens have eyes, or in fact any senses that would equate with those of a human. They are considered to be similar to a lobster and a tree, and have some sort of intelligence. Mum is shown mimicing Quazky's laugh (Chapter 13, page 411), but doesn't know the difference between edible food and Rose's hair.

Mum's skin is a rough even brown, and his hands are large claws. Carrotlike protrusions on his head are used to poke things, possibly to identify food- like a shark bumping objects with its nose.