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First Appearance: Chapter Five Pg. 148




December 4th


6 Feet 10 Inches




Terran Reptoid

Favorite Food

Raw Pork

"Hey man, I saved your life. Your body parts would be splattered around Central Park if it wasn't for me."

- Longus to Don, Chapter 12, Page 384

Longus is a Terran Reptoid who spends most of his time on Earth. Depsite looking and acting more mature, Longus is the younger brother of Quazky.


Terran reptoids originated on Earth, evolving (with help from the alien Draconian Reptoids) from the Troodon Dinosaur millions of years ago (Chapter 15). As a child, Longus was teased by the other Reptoids, who would beat him and tie him to trees (Chapter 16). At some point in the past, he also loved (and still loves) a warrior Reptois named Brevis who was shot and killed.

Longus works on Earth as a maintenance worker on the Maglev train tunnels that run between the DUMBs (Deep Underground Military Bases), and for an undisclosed reason cannot or will not return to space with the other Reptoids.

In Trying Human[]

Though not particularly friendly with other Reptoids, Longus occasionally lures humans for Gracelis and others to eat, which is how he first meets Don in a nightclub. After plying him with several drinks, Longus takes him to a park nearby as a snack. When Don starts to become friendly, Longus shoves him away, calling him a "faggot". Don runs off angry and unaware that Longus just saved his life; Gracelis and the others instead make do with an unfortunate cow.

Perhaps feeling a bit guilty, Longus starts secretly following Don after work. Longus catches up with Quazky on one such occasion in a park. Don plays video games on a park bench completely unaware of the two Reptoids spying on him in a tree nearby. After Quazky leaves, Don starts getting harassed by some would-be thieves. Longus jumps in to stop them, but Don gets knocked unconscious in the process. The men run off while Longus contemplates what to do with Don; he ends up taking him home.

The next morning, Don wakes up in Longus' apartment completely unaware of what happened (Chapter 12). Just as Don opens the door to leave, he runs into Longus. Don tries to leave, but Longus insists on walking with him after Don refuses to take money for a cab. Though Don at first refuses, Longus explains that he wants to apologize for calling him a "faggot" before.

Back at Don's apartment, Longus gets a call from Quazky telling him there's an emergency. Longus cuts the visit short, but not before planning a date later that night and stealing a kiss on the cheek.

At Rose's apartment, Longus finds an alien known as a worm chaser, as well as Hue and Quazky. While Hue and Quazky head back up to space to get more help, Rose tries to work her charms on the "super cute guy" they left behind, all the while dealing with a pesky fairy-version of Phillis (Chapter 13). Though Rose attempts to flirt with him, Longus politely informs her she's not his type.

Hue and Quazky arrive a few hours later, bringing with them Shade and Tone. Longus makes his leave when they arrive, saying that Grays freak him out (with the exception of Hue), and goes to work.

Longus and Don set out for their date later that evening, though Longus was late getting there. At the restaurant, Longus learns that Don is vegetarian. He also runs into Eight (8), whose remarks make it seem like Longus is often out with new love intrests. After an acidic battle of words between Longus and Eight (8), Longus and Don head on to another restaurant.

He lives at the Moulton Apartments Complex in apartment 1855 somewhere in West Village, Manhattan. Longus's full name in the Reptoid language is 'Kevikulonrusovernikisgusurvna', though he's known as "Longus" or "Gus".

Appearance and Personality[]

Longus in his Terran Reptoid form.

Longus is most noticeably one of the more flamboyant Reptoids in appearance, donning a pair of white heels, a wife-beater emblazoned with 'NWO' crossed out, and a gold cuff in his left ear lobe. His helm consists of two metal bracers on either side of his face and a metal ponytail piece, all of which end in brown human hair.

Longus is also homosexual, possibly causing him to be teased and beaten by other Reptoids when he was younger and possibly also the reason he won't (or can't) leave Earth. He wears cologne and smokes cigarettes, which annoy Quazky and Don respectively. 



Longus is in disguise meets Don in a club, which he sneaked into. The two hit it off. However, unbeknownst to Don, Longus had interior motives, which was to fed him to Gracelis and Magnus, but in a spurt of guilt, Longus sends him off. 

Don apparently had an affect on Longus, as Longus began to spy on him, eventually abhorring affection towards Don. Longus later rescues Don from some muggers. In the rescue however, Don suffers a blow to the head and knocks out, leaving Longus in an awkward postion. Longus decides to take him into his apartment so he can recover for the night. An argument ensues between the two, as Don is still emotionally hurt from their time at the bar. Eventually they reconcile, and go on a date.

In recent chapters Longus reveals that he is in fact a reptoid to Don. Don is startled at first, but is fine with it.


Quazky is Longus's older brother. Though they tease each other often, they get along and care for each other.


Hue was there when Longus and Quazky hatched on the mother-ship. They are friends, though Hue doesn't seem to know him as well as he does Quazky. Hue was a little jealous of Rose's swooning of Longus at first, until he learned of Longus's sexuality.


Upon meeting Longus, Rose blushed and seemed to develop a slight crush on him. Longus, who until Rose started to flirt with him, was unaware of this just as Rose remains unaware of Longus' budding relationship with Don. However, on realizing Rose was interested in him, he put her off by saying "Trust me, I'm not your type."