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The Grey is one of the primary species of alien (the other being Reptoid) found in Trying Human, subcategorized as Tall Greys and Short Greys, with Tall being predominant in the story so far. Most Greys exhibit little emotion, and have indistinguishable sex, though they show gender through their personalities. Greys are unable to dream, see color, or smile, the only exception to that rule being Hue. The leader of the Greys is EBE1, whose ship crashed in the New Mexico desert in the 1940's.


According to EBE1, the Grey's used to inhabit a planet "very far away" that was covered in water and orbited two suns before the larger of the suns "overheated" making their planet uninhabitable and the Greys were forced to abandon it. (pg. 569) Due to a dwindling Grey population, the species simplified their genetics to better enable them for deep space travel, a process that "Lengthened [their] lives but dampened [their] spirit." (pg. 570) The initial goal of the Greys after the exodus from their planet was to find another species to coexist with, but "have little use for it" now, having changed themselves to a point such companionship seems no longer valued.


In the story so far, a motif can be observed in the names given to Greys, all names having similar meanings as gray-scale colors. Examples of this motif are Hue, Shade, Tone, and Pigment. The only notable exception to this theme has been EBE1, most likely due to his name being an acronym given to him by humans while he was in the custody of the military in the 1940s.