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"Don't worry! All this weirdness will pass in a while."

- Eight to Roger, Chapter 5, Page 165

One of the more vocal members of Majestic 12, Eight has become Roger's de facto partner. 


Born Janet Jenkins-Jimenez, Eight worked as a stripper in order to care for her newborn son [1]. The father of the child and any family members have yet to be mentioned, though it can be assumed she's alone apart from her son.

One night while leaving work, a reptoid, Magnus, attacked her in an alley way [2]. Janet was rescued by Roger before Magnus could have her as a snack and ever since then, Roger was her "knight in shining armor". He also helped push her paperwork through so she could get into a women's shelter [3]. It was this event that made Janet stop dancing and turn her life around. It was also the start of her affection towards Roger.

Because of Janet's encounter, she was found by Dr. Glasner, and soon became part of the Majestic 12 as Eight. Eight stated that Dr. Glasner probably picked her because of her specific 'qualifications' (she has or had a sexual relationship with him) and that he certainly liked what she had to offer. [4]

After joining, Eight had to leave her son who was adopted by a nice family. She misses him dearly, and used to check on him in disguise, but it soon became too hard for her to bear, and slowly stopped. The reason she joined in the first place was for him to have a better life, which was something she couldn't provide. Eight hasn't seen him in almost a year.

Appearance and Personality Edit

With a dark tan complexion, Eight has short black hair in a bowl cut style which covers her eyes. When her eyes are shown, they are revealed to be brown with thick long lashes. Eight wears big round purple earrings, and black nails and lipstick. She is attractive and known for her curvy & well endowed body.

Eight is very flirtatious and has an outgoing loud personality. The lady's not afraid of being touchy feel-y and getting in anyone's personal space.



Roger is the "knight" that saved her from being killed by Magnus. As such, she has come to love him. She personally seeks out Roger and uses her influence to have him brought into Majestic 12. Eight constantly flirts with Roger and does little to hide her jealousy of Rose. She is very affectionate, though the feeling doesn't seem mutual. Roger has been shown to be violent towards Eight, even once pushing her to the ground.

Dr. Glasner

Despite her love for Roger, Eight has a sexual relationship with Dr. Glasner, which may have been the original reason for her joining. It is doubtful that either of them care much about the other.


Unbeknownst to Eight, it appears fellow Majestic 12 member, Six, holds some affection for her. He compliments her, comforts her, protects her, and occasionally blushes around her. It is not clear whether the feeling's mutual, but Eight did blush and pinched his face, so there's that.

They're apparently close friends nonetheless. In fact, they're close to the point that Eight wants him to follow her on her hypothetical escape from the Majestic 12 facility [5]. Six seems to be the person Eight comes to when she's in distress and in need of someone to talk. She is comfortable showing deep emotions around Six, and him likewise.


Magnus, a high ranking Draconian Reptoid, is her abuser, physical and mentally. Their first encounter, a harsh and violent one, was Eight's first dealing with aliens. The encounter paved the way for many things, among them Eight's of joining Majestic 12, and her meeting Roger.

Magnus's takes apparent joy in causing Eight misery and anger. He has no problems with being violent with her either. Nowadays, their current run ins are brought by Magnus's current affairs with Majestic 12. Eight tries to avoid him as much as she can, and is visually and reasonably unnerved when she does see him.

Majestic 12

It hasn't been very elaborated on how her relationship with her other fellow Majestic 12 is, but it seems to be quite friendly so far. Although Seven (7) did call her a slut once [6], possibly due to her flirtatious manner and relationship with Dr. Glasner.