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First Appearance: Prologue Pg. 3




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Tall Grey



"Do not talk to me about 'monsters'. All that you have had done on those tables, I have been delivered ten fold worse by your 'scientists' and 'doctors'."

- EBE1, Chapter 16, Page 565

"If an ant asked you if there was a God, what would you say?"

- EBE1, Chapter 16, Page 568

EBE1 is the current commander of the Greys and projects his will through his hive-minded community.


Many thousands of years ago, the species that would eventually become the Grays lived on a flourishing planet orbiting two suns. The largest star overheated and collapsed, killing most of the inhabitants and rendering the rest without a home. EBE1 tells Rose that hundreds of thousands of years of genetic tampering has created what EBE1 now is (chapter 16, pg 554). EBE1 was created as a "rough but necessary" copy of the original inhabitants; he claims to be the last one that remembers the planet's destruction. He is considered the leader as he possesses something the rest do not - the ability to reproduce without cloning. The Grays abducts humans in order to pass on their traits to another race. The hybrids rarely survive long; most die young or are purposely killed when they prove to be useless.


In the late 1940s, the ship that was carrying EBE1 and his crew crashed in Nevada. He lost his left arm in the accident and was likely the first Gray captured by the U.S. Military. The sole survivor was given the designation of 'Extraterrestrial Biological Entity 1', or EBE1 (Chapter 3, page 62). His mangled left arm was removed by the military and replaced with metal from the ship, which he can control with telepathy and evidently feel pain through. EBE1 later informs Rose that his arm could have been saved and that humans simply discard what they feel is broken.

After the crash, EBE1 was taken by the military and held at a secret base. He doesn't respond to the scientists, apart from occasionally lashing out at them. Phillis, a young translator working at the base, is sent in as a sympathetic go between. She manages to gain EBE1's trust and the two are able to communicate via EBE1's telepathy.

Though Phillis attracts the attention of both Walter and Dr. Glasner, she becomes extremely close to EBE1. Dr. Glasner's affections are mostly rooted in jealousy; he wants Phillis for himself and even privately threatens EBE1 and Walter when he feels they are getting to close to her. Phillis admits that, if EBE1 were human, she could be in love with him; EBE1 responds that he would reciprocate, if he were anyone else.

EBE1 holds the military responsible for Phillis' death after she attempted to escape the base. Her body is currently being kept in some conscientious state in a glass tube by Dr. Glasner, though EBE1 believes she is deceased. He keeps a box containing a few of Phillis' belongings and a picture, the latter of which he traded one of his own kind for.

Modern DayEdit

EBE1 and the other Grays continue to collect humans from Earth, with agreement from the military. They are under the supervision of Majestic 12 and are only allowed to take a certain number of people, all the while following various other terms. Aside from furthering his genetic experiments, EBE1 also comes to Earth as he can 'feel' Phillis there (Chapter 3).

Hue is a clone of EBE1, though it is suggested that Hue may be more than just a mere clone. EBE1 considers Hue to be a failure, as he has the ability to feel and express emotions, which the other Grays do not possess.

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