Dr. Vernon Glasner
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First Appearance: Prologue Pg. 03


47 (in 1947)


September 19th


6 Feet




Ice Blue (previously Brown)



"The world’s a very dim place when you’re alone so I guess, in a way, it’s a fitting shackle."

- Dr. Glasner, Chapter Thirteen, Page 399

Dr. Vernon Glasner is a defunct German scientist who worked with Phillis and Walter in the later 1940s to develop new technology for the US Government. He speaks with a deep German accent and has a manipulative attitude.

Early Life[edit | edit source]

During the Second World War, Dr. Glasner worked as a scientist in Nazi Germany, designing bombs (Chapter 18, pg 631). After a colleague is killed, Dr. Glasner is entrusted with the care of his daughter, Abigail. The young woman was also a scientist. Though there exact relationship is unclear, Walter later calls Abigail a "child bride", hinting that the two were married (Chapter 18, pg 631).

In any case, Dr. Glasner planned to take Abigail with him to the United States, though she was unfortunately killed by a hidden land mine. Dr. Glasner lost much of his vision in the blast, leaving his eyes deeply scarred.

Work in the US[edit | edit source]

Upon arriving in the US, Dr. Glasner again found work as a scientists, this time hired by the US military to develop new technology. While working at a secret air force base somewhere in the Western United States, he meets Phillis and Walter.

Dr. Glasner slowly becomes  obsessed with Phillis, to the point that he appears to be keeping her alive in his lab since the day she was shot and killed in the late 1940s. Though he blames EBE1 for her being shot in the first place, it was he who ordered it when she tried to flee the Groom Lake Bed Compound (Prologue, Page 03). His obsession with Phillis causes him to lash out at those whom he feels threatens his future (imaginary) relationship with her, particularly Walter and EBE1. 

Despite appearing not to have aged, Dr. Glasner continues to work for the US militarry in the present storyline. Roger, newly hired as a member of the Majestic 12, is thoroughly shocked to learn that Dr. Glasner was in the Second World War.

Though he keeps Phillis in a tank in his room (immobilized with a tube in her chest), he has a physical relationship with Eight, another member of the Majestic 12.

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