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Donald 'Don' Marden
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First Appearance: Chapter Five Pg. 144




June 11th


5 Feet 7 Inches


Dark Brown (Bleached lighter)





"You know, it's nice to finally be around someone who knows who I am and... Accepts me."

- Don, Chapter Five, Page 148

Donald 'Don' Marden is a seventeen year old who meets Longus in a gay club, "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"[1]. He is the romantic interest of Longus. He has a lock of his bangs dyed indigo and generally wears a pink t-shirt with stars and a rainbow.


Don lives in the Park Slope section of Brooklyn. His family is Jewish, and his father is an accountant. He has a sister, Delsey, who lives in Ohio with many children. She and Don fought often, so they don't speak to each other[2]. Don was able to skip a grade because of his good test scores.

Don apparently had a hard time growing up due to his homosexuality. He had trouble with others accepting him.

He was originally intended as prey for Gracelis and the other reptoids until Longus decided to let the boy live and frightened him away.



Longus is a reptoid in disguise that Don meets in a gay bar, which he snuck into. The two hit it off. However, unbeknownst to Don, Longus had interior motives, which was to feed him to Gracelis and Magnus, but in a spurt of guilt, Longus sends him off. 

Don apparently had an affect on Longus, as Longus began to spy on him, eventually abhorring affection towards Don. Longus later rescues Don from some muggers. In the rescue however, Don suffers a blow to the head which knocks out, leaving Longus in an awkward position. Longus decides to take him into his apartment so he can recover for the night. An argument ensues between the two as Don awakes, as Don is still emotionally hurt from their time at the bar. Eventually they reconcile, and go on a date.

In recent chapters Longus reveals that he is in fact a reptoid to Don. Don is startled at first, but is fine with it.